In short, yes! Especially when you figured these powers that you own.

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When I was made to think about this in the introductory workshop before I entered my first ever full-time career, I thought that there was no way that a new person out of school could have any more power over these experienced employees on office chairs older than I am.

What’s special is that you were only once a fresh grad and been recognised as “just out of school” once. So make use of this phase of life!

Firstly, what is power?

Power is used to get someone into taking action, and…

“Please pray for R.”

Rows of “🙏🙏” flooded the family chat group by confused relatives trying to play a part. Within an hour, a solemn text and new reality hit, “R has passed away.”

I attended the wake of my 7-year-old niece near the start of this Chinese New Year. Due to the suddenness of the incident, everything happened really fast. They said it was a viral infection but no one really dared pursue further on the actual cause. Many relatives came to support R’s family at the hospital. …

Case-study: Baywheels Bike-sharing using LynxKite


In our first article, we illustrated how graph theory could be handy in analysing IoT data. In this article, we explore how we can generate the graph visualisations and analyses that we saw to answer key questions that business stakeholders have. We are going to be using LynxKite UI. This is an open-source software which has just been made free and accessible for anyone to try! As a drag and drop platform, the learning curve is gentle and easy to pick up. I will demonstrate how analyses can be done using this platform.

The finished…

Case-study: Baywheels Bike-sharing using LynxKite


As part of our NUS Business Analytics Capstone Project, our group, Benita Neo Yan Ting, Neo Ann Qi, Ng Jian Lai and Victoria Teo Wei Xuan partnered with Lynx Analytics to explore the domain of IoT data with graph techniques. Graph technologies, including graph analytics, is identified as one of the Top 10 trends in Data Analytics in 2020 (source). As graph analysis rises to become more valuable for organizations worldwide, it is worthwhile to explore how relationships can be displayed with IoT data that is multi-dimensional.

Our project was focused on bike-sharing data that…

“Sorry, we don’t accept cash.” What would cashless be like in Singapore?

“Do you have a card or QR code scanning ah?”

If you had told me this 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that our society could manage without cash. Back in 2015, Singaporeans were still loyal to cash with 60% of their transactions paid off in cash.

While not accepting cash as a form of payment sounds absurd, this may not be as far-fetched as we think. Transactions with cash have reduced by one-third to 40% in 2017, with an expected 5% decrease year-on-year. With better cashless alternatives around, Singaporeans are gradually finding less need to carry cash around.

With the recent COVID-19 situation, we can see an increase…

Have you seen the love episode on Black Mirror — Hang the DJ? In that episode, pairs are given a match through their digital device with a place and time to meet. Then they are told to reveal their relationship’s expiry date — how long their relationship would last whether or not they like each other or not. Most of the time, you don’t want to know the expiry date of your relationship, and sometimes you do. In my case, I had a relationship with a deadline as an intern in Stockholm. …


Stepping into adulthood

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